StorKDT’s Chinese Physician Dr.Chen


StorKDT-Premium Chinese Medicine Hut is based in Guangzhou, China, established by an experienced Chinese Physician Dr. Chen Yeung Kwung,Dr. Chen has been diagnosing and giving prescriptions in South China for more than 40 years and he realized that, with one person’s influence, it is very difficult to help more general public and that’s why StorKDT’s Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) info site is established in the hope of being able to:

-          Use the simplest way to introduce the functions and therapeutic values of various common Chinese medicines and herbs.

-          Help to cure disease fundamentally but not only to suppress symptoms.

-          Improve the health of Chinese citizens and to help drugs-dependents to quit overusing drugs.

-          Provide news and knowledge about how to become healthier and ways to prevent getting infections.

-          Share the real successful cases of disease curing to general public.

-          Answers the questions for the patients.