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Trip to Indonesia 2011 – Visiting an Organic Herbs Garden in Indonesia.


In early July, Dr Chen YK was invited to the largest organic herbs garden- Kampoeng Djamoe Organik Martha Tilaar in Jawa Timur, Indonesia. This is well established garden that more than 500 species of herbs and aromatic plants in the garden for medical, cosmetic and health supplements can be found.


Since the weather of Indonesia is very similar to the weather in South China, local herbs experts made use of the chance of Dr Chen’s visit to exchange information with Dr. Chen about the similarities and differences of the herbs between two areas. Local herbs experts were amazed by the large varieties of herbs in China and Dr. Chen wishes to bring some of the very useful herbs from China to the garden to let more people outside China can be benefited from the medical herbs.


Local herbs experts highly appreciated the information shared by Dr. Chen and in return, they gave some of the unique fruits and plants from the garden to Dr. Chen as souvenirs.


During the visit, Dr. Chen attended a tree planting activity specially arranged by the manager of the organic garden. Dr Chen planted the species of herb that is new to the garden and the manager wished that when Dr Chen visit the garden again next year, the plant has already grown up and represent the successful build of relationship between the two countries.


In the three days of visit, there were more than 50 patients with various serious diseases from all over Indonesia visited Dr Chen and wished to be diagnosed by Dr Chen. Dr Chen were strongly moved by the perseverance and endurances of all the patients and Dr Chen wishes to investigate the relationship between the sickness, dietary habits and the weather of the areas so that he can develop an effective and yet affordable medicine to the local people in Indonesia.



In the second half of July- Malaysia Visit


Dr Chen has long been a sincere Taoist since he were young. He has been very keen in promoting Taoism when he goes diagnosing around and he believes that there is strong relationship between Taoism and theory of Chinese medicine.


Invited by a Renowned Daoist Temple from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on behalf StorKDT, Dr Chen went to kuala Lumpur to raise fund for the temple and agreed to write the sign for the temple once the temple has finished establishment.



During the Malaysia visit, Dr Chen provided free diagnosis and professional advices for many local patients including patients of rheumatism, diabetics, high blood pressure and heart diseases. He decided to keep track for the patients and investigate if there is any local and effective medicine available in Malayasia.


To summarize the whole trip to the East Asia, Dr Chen can see that many patients from the East Asian countries wish to be treated by effective Chinese physicians with efficient Chinese herbs in order to reduce the dependant of western medicine to various long term sicknesses like high blood pressure, diabetics and heart disease. In this trip, Dr Chen shared his previous experience in helping many other originally hopeless patients to recover from long term dependant to western medicine and many of the patients feel that Dr Chen can help them a lot. Dr Chen decided to make use of the diagnosing experience in this trip to develop a series of Chinese medicine for the local patients so that Dr Chen can take care the patients even he has returned to Guangzhou, China.